Yemen Central Bank freezes accounts, bans dealings with 12 entities in Houthi controlled-areas

The Central Bank of Yemen in Aden said it froze accounts and banned dealing with 12 entities and companies, and listed them in the black list, due to their involvement in money laundering and terrorist financing.
This came in a circular directed by the Governor of the Central Bank, Ahmed Ghaleb, on Tuesday, to the Director General and Chief Executive Officer, ordering the freezing of accounts and banning of dealing with 12 entities and companies.
Blacklisted Entities
- Sam Oil Company for Trade and Oil Services (Saddam bin Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Faqih and Zaid bin Ali bin Yahya al-Sharafi).
- Al Zahraa Company for Trade and Agencies (Nabil bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Wazir).
- Fuel Oil Company for importing oil derivatives (Ismail bin Ibrahim Al Wazir & Qusai bin Ibrahim Al-Wazir).
- Salam Rod Company (Zaid Bin Ali Bin Yahya Al Sharafi).
- Abkar Oil Services Company (Abdullah bin Abkar Abdul Bari).
- Al Faqih International Company for Trade, Import and Oil Services Ltd. (Saddam bin Ahmed bin Mohammed).
- Oil Company (Zaid bin Ali bin Yahya Al Sharafi).
- Abbot Trading Co., Ltd. (Ali Ahmed Daghsan).
- Black Gold Company (Ali bin Nasser Qursha).
- Al 'Awadi Trading Group Company (Zaid Zaid Al-'Awadi and his partners).
- Al Hammadi Trading and Refrigeration Company Ltd. (Ali Mohammed Mukred Al Hammadi).
- Atlantic Oil for importing oil derivatives (Ahmed Mohammed Salih Al Baydhani).