Three citizens killed and wounded by Houthi gunmen in Al-Jawf

Two citizens were killed and another wounded, by Houthi gunmen, at a checkpoint in the city of Al-Hazm, the capital of Al-Jawf Governorate, which is under their control.
Tribal sources told Khabar Agency that, on Monday, Houthi members stopped three members of the Shulan and Hamadan tribes at a checkpoint, and after the militia took their personal identities and identified them, they started firing live bullets, killing two members of the tribe of Dhu Hussein Al-Shulan and wounding a third from the people of Hamedan tribe.
The crime comes one day after the killing of the elderly citizen, Ali bin Hadi Hussein Mansour (65 years), and the injury of his wife, by Houthi militia, at a checkpoint in Al-Adi area in the Bart Al-Marashi district.